Hi! I'm Lauren AKA Coach Lo

I happily held alcohol on a pedestal. It was there and it was convenient and it allowed me to check out from life’s stressors or double over laughing with my friends. I believed that it made me a better parent and a better person. I thought I was more personable and welcoming with a few in me. I believed a lot of things and why wouldn’t I?! The substance & society said so.

I worked in the hospitality industry for 25+ years, bartending and serving my way through my teens, twenties, and thirties. I was never the "leave it" girl, I ALWAYS took it! (and to fun extreme!!) I got paid to get others (and myself) drunk. I fully embraced the rinse and repeat lifestyle, and wouldn't have changed it for the world. At the time, it felt like I had the best life. Day drinking on the beach, dinners with girlfriends and bottles of wine, and margaritas at lunch were all fine. I wasn't falling down, I was doing what everyone else was doing and still getting all life's chores done. I was becoming high functioning.

I was a mom who sought comfort in cocktails and, not surprisingly, embraced Mommy Wine Culture with open arms. I needed a way to numb out and calm the constant chaos, and thought alcohol was that golden nugget allowing me this. My Yeti came to the playground, playdates, karate, etc. for no reason other than 'just cuz'.

Not only did alcohol fool me into thinking it made me a better parent, it also made me think it was a necessary, well-deserved treat for all the parenting I was doing. Like my paycheck for being a mom. Storytime with the 2 most important people in my life turned into an eyeroll.. I’d fill my wine making sure to throw a couple cubes in there so it’d stay cold, maybe even last a gulp or 2 longer, and head over to read with my unsuspecting munchkins.

In 2020, by accident & by pure luck, I found Annie Grace’s podcast This Naked Mind. Annie had a factual way of speaking and she hooked me. Once I started hearing her hint at no more drinking, she lost me. I didn’t listen again for 6 months.

After waking up one morning with THE hangover, I wiped the dust off Annie’s podcast & went for Round 2. Through listening, I learned about The Alcohol Experiment, a 30-day break from drinking while receiving daily emails & videos geared at reframing the subconscious & teaching the science behind it all.

I signed up & I failed it 3 times. Rarely do I use the word ‘fail’ anymore, but back in that time that’s exactly how I felt, like a failure. On one of her podcast episodes Annie said to “me” it’s not my fault. From that moment forward, I knew that my entire life was about to change.  I burst into tears and was ready to begin my curiously free AF (alcohol free) journey.

What I learned during that time has forever changed my life, not only because I’m now alcohol-free, but it’s taken me down a path of wanting to help others like myself. People who know that a change with alcohol is necessary, whatever that looks like to you.

I believe that societal conditioning keeps us stuck craving an addictive poison. It’s the only drug that you have to justify not doing and it’s time to change the narrative on that. No two journeys' are the same.

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